Heavy duty, extreme pressure mineral oil, silicones and synthetic fluids based greases for long term lubrication in areas where conventional lubricants fail due to operational problems encountered by excessive friction, heavy loads, excessive lubricant consumption, high temperatures, melting or dripping of grease, water or chemical influence, plastic and rubber compatibility, high speeds. Available a complete range of lubricants for all types of bearings, open gears, wire ropes, slides, gearboxes, guides in various consistencies to semi fluid types.

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  Dielectric silicone grease
  Mold release silicone grease
  High & low temperature silicone grease for bearings
  Heat sink compound
  Silicone grease for lubrication at high temperatures and slow speeds
  High temperature silicone grease for bearings
  Heavy duty multipurpose graphite grease
1000 HVG
  High vacuum silicone grease
620 VG
  Silicone grease for valves & packings
630 SG
  Stop cock grease
635 TG
  Silicone based tapgrease
  Heavy duty extreme pressure grease containing MoS2 solid lubricant
DG 140
  Grease for lubricating all natural gas stop cocks and gas taps
EP 20
  Extreme pressure lithium complex soap based grease
FS 800
  High speed grease NLGI # 1
GR 10
  Adhesive graphite grease NLGI Consistency No. 1
GR 20   Lithium soap based graphite grease
HD 880
  Metal to metal lubricant for gear wheel lubrication especially operating under high stress or heavy loads
KG 415
  Synthetic grease with solid lubricants for chains and open gears
LL 100
  Extreme pressure semi fluid grease containing MoS2 solid lubricant for lubrication of enclosed gears
LL 102
  Heavy duty extreme pressure grease containing MoS2 solid lubricant
LL 103   Non staining high performance grease with white solid lubricants
ML 2   Heavy duty extreme pressure multipurpose lithium grease
MT 2
  Heavy duty extreme pressure grease containing MoS2 solid lubricant
NMG 47
  Non melting high temperature bearing grease containing molybdenum disulfide solid lubricants
NMG 785
  Non melting high temperature synthetic grease
RB 35
  High speed bearing grease
RBL 24
  Food grade non staining bearing grease
RL 1   Wire rope grease for extreme pressure lubrication and corrosion protection
SL 500
  Special semi fluid grease for high speed applications
SL 565
  Plastics compatible synthetic grease
SP 80
  Petrol resistant grease
SR 20
  PTFE based chemically resistant high solids paste
SYC 63
  Electrically conductive grease
SYC 67
  Electrical contact grease
VG 11
  Valve grease for lubrication, sealing and chemical resistance
WG 135
  Food grade white non staining extreme pressure bearing grease
YE 54
  Damping grease for smooth jerk free operations


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