All Purpose Maintenance Fluid
Penetroil is a fast acting industrial grade lubricant, rust penetrant and corrosion inhibitor. It forms a clear thin non-drying lubricating film that penetrates deep into the minutest crevices to displace trapped moisture and leaves behind a protective film to seal out further moisture and corrosion. Its unique low surface tension formula rapidly attacks rust to free seized or frozen components. It is non-conductive, non-staining and offers complete protection to metal surfaces indoors as a medium term corrosion inhibitor for protection against corrosion and moisture penetration for up to 12 months under normal storage conditions. Penetroil does not contain any silicones, ozone depleting chemicals, CFC’s or harmful chlorinated solvents and is safe for use on around all metals, plastics, rubbers and other industrial finishes.
• Multifunctional formula lubricates all sliding and moving parts with a long lasting thin oily lubricating film
• Rapidly penetrates minute cracks and pores to displace trapped moisture
• Penetrates deeply through rust to loosen scale and corroded or frozen parts
• Leaves a thin, long lasting film, film to prevent formation of rust or corrosion
• Cleans & removes oils, greases and other light contaminants
• Provides greaseless, non staining, silicone free lubrication and protection
• Contains safe non flammable CO2 propellant
• 360° Valve allows product to be sprayed in any position-even inverted
Pack Sizes  
Container Size Part Number Units Per Case
500 ml spray 06131 12
5 litres 06128 4
25 litres 06129 1
200 litres 06130 1
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